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Property Adjusting Bootcamp

Property Adjusting Bootcamp

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Embark on a thrilling 4-day journey with our Property Bootcamp course, specifically tailored for new adjusters preparing for a successful career in the adjusting industry.

  • Customer Service Excellence: Develop the art of effective communication and empathy, crucial for client interactions.
  • Advanced Scoping Techniques: Master the skill of precise property damage assessment.
  • Insider Knowledge: Gain invaluable tips from seasoned adjusters, giving you an edge in the field.
  • Confidence Through Practice: Engage in mock inspections, boosting your confidence and competence for real-world challenges.


  • Basic Xactimate proficiency.
  • A computer with the Xactimate X1 demo pre-installed.

This course is more than training; it’s an investment in your professional growth, offering tools, techniques, and confidence to excel in property adjusting. 

Seize this opportunity to transform your career with our Property Bootcamp Course. Enroll now and build the confidence you need to become a successful property adjuster.

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